Beautiful hairs, glowing skin, and colored nails are most valuable as well as beloved assets of a lady and her perfect personality. These are such precious gifts awarded from the nature to her that cannot be replaced by anything valuable in the world. The incredible features of her personality can be styled to make her perfectly beautify.  We offer everything ranging from haircuts and hair color to waxing and manicure at our salon. Count on evez Beauty World for all of your beauty solutions and needs in the present and future as well.
When you enter into our salon, you will be greeted with a pleasant smile and found an elegantly luxurious ambiance around you. You will immediately welcomed by our excellent customer care service executives for providing our best beauty services to you as you prefer.

Hair care services :
Beautiful hair is the crowning glory of a trendy lady. Proper hair care is extremely essential for her perfect beauty and style. You should make sure that you have an attractive hairstyle that suits your face and hair type as well. Furthermore, it should be highly fashionable too. We provide all hair care solutions to you including its styling, rebounding, cutting, curling, coloring, permanent straightening, smoothing, threading, and many others like this using most of Schwarzkopf Hair care products. Hair coloring is performed through Ammonia free colors, and Fashion colors for your trendy look. Grey coverage for hair is also provided at our beauty parlor. We also provide special treatments for hair loss and hair thinning through some products. Unwanted hairs on your body can easily and permanently be removed through our laser hair removal services. We use FDA approved laser equipment for treating skin and hair.


Skincare services :
We offer a variety of skin treatments to treat your skin, its color, pigmentation, unwanted hairs, acnes, moles, hair loss, roughness, wrinkles, and cracks. Special procedures under Clean Up, Basic Facial, and Advanced Facial for your face are provided to glow it and perk up its features including ears, eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck too. Suitable bleaching for skin, face, and hair is offered for treating its abnormal conditions or enhancing its gorgeous appearance.

Nail care services :
Many nail care procedures are also available at our Beauty Salon to cut, file, and polish your nails as per fashion and your interest. We offer special pedicure and manicure treatments through our latest nail art and designing services. You will be offered some options to select a procedure of your choice from the services we provide in a wide range under this category. 

Make Up Services :
Make up for ladies is a very common service that we offer it with great enthusiasm. Special Bridal make up service to prepare a bride and adorn her with splendid and luxurious dress as well as precious jewelry just a few hours before her wedding is performed quite conveniently by our talented beauticians through their perfect art and creativity.   Pre Bridal make up, Party make up, and Reception make up services are available for you on your special occasions such as your engagement, reception, or for attending special events, and social parties.

Spa Treatment :
We also provide numerous Spa treatments to boost overall skin beauty of your body and its comfortable muscular functioning. Body Polishing, Exfoliation Body Treatment, Body Anti Tan Pack, Body Glow Pack, and Relaxing Body Massage are such Spa treatments to describe that we offer at our salon nowadays.


Special services :
We also offer laser hair removal services to take away unwanted hairs from your face and body permanently. Face Rejuvenation and Glow, Acne scar removal, and Tattoo removal procedures are also available for you at our beauty salon. We use USA FDA approved Latest Laser machines and technology that provide entire safety to your skin without any risk and side effect.